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Our Story

Robert began his career as a growth investor at Elevation Partners, a media and technology private equity firm. He later joined Everlane to help lead an online direct-to-consumer brand. In 2019, he started Upholdings to make high quality growth investing available to more investors.

“I created something I couldn’t find for myself. The retail investor market is one of the biggest in the world, but innovation is way behind. Funds today are either too diversified, too trendy, or too expensive. Upholdings' aim is to offer investment products that give more investors the chance to earn long-term compounding investment performance."

Upholdings is based in Nashville, and operates a distributed team with an analyst in Philadelphia, designers in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, and advisors in New York and San Francisco.


Content Strategist

We believe in the power of the web to remove barriers and enable all investors direct access to the best investment opportunities. You will help tell the story of the first online-only investment brand of its kind by helping to develop both short- and long-form content across modern channels.

Work sample: Social posts of investment-related content including charts or graphics that tell a story.

Investment Analyst

We believe the best risk-adjusted returns come from managing a long-only portfolio of high compounding securities in a tax- and fee-efficient manner. In this role, you will carefully evaluate the attributes of potential investments, and regularly review new opportunities across public and private markets.

Work sample: Excel or Google Sheet analysis of a stock you believe will compound at 15%+ for the next 5 years.

Managed Accounts

For individual investments of $10 million and above, email us below.

ETF Direct Access

The Compound Kings ETF is now available commission-free through most online brokerages.